Sebastian Sanabria

Mobile: +506 8325-6474
Skype: Absulit


Software Engineer: Developer, Programmer, VR Developer

Professional Experience

[2019 oct - Today] Cecropia Solutions (Software Engineer)

Part of the FE team to provide maintenance to a React Native and React Web App

Part of BE team in development of internal product from scratch:

Maintenance and new features of existing PHP codebase:

[2019 apr - oct] Independent / Freelance

Migration, maintenance and new features of an existing PHP codebase

[2018 nov - 2019 jan] Qanta Media (Software Engineer)

Research and development, and maintenance of current and future VR projects

[2017 nov - 2018 nov] Independent / Freelance
[2012 - 2017 nov] Cecropia Solutions (Software Engineer)

In this job I had the opportunity to learn a lot by switching projects and technologies. I'm strongly capable of learning and adapting to new environments.

Research and development of VR environments and applications

Creation, maintenance and bug fixing of several projects in many technologies such as:

[2010 - 2011 sept] (Software Engineer and business associate)

Task related to all new software tools needed for the news magazine site.

[2009] RD3.SA (Renamed to 84°west) (Flash Developer)

My main task was to create small and fast websites with animations and galleries for clients in the US.

[2007-2008] (Flash Developer)

Creation of dynamic content for websites such as galleries and animations. Also, full websites that relied heavily on displaying multimedia content such as images, animations, and video.



Strict work ethics.
Ability to learn new tools to fill the position regarding of the project.
Creativity in artistic endeavors.
Python, Javascript, HTML, CSS, C#, PHP (others)
.NET Core, Laravel, A-Frame, React basic knowledge
Blender, Unity, Oculus Medium, Docker, Git (merge, rebase, etc), Substance Painter, .NET
MySQL, SQLite, SQLServer


[2007] Diploma en Programación de Sistemas (Software Engineer Diploma) - Colegio Universitario de Cartago

Personal Projects and other links

Costa Rican Dictionary
Roman Gallery VR
3D Sculpting and Renders
VR Museum
3D Models
Music Video


3D sculpting
3D rendering
3D animation
VR Environments (development)


Jeudy Blanco jeudyx[at] 8634-1656

You can find links to my works at